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    Altenburg was a city in Thuringia in eastern Germany, about 25 miles south of Dresden near the Czech border. The labor camps located in Altenburg were sub-camps of Buchenwald and were principally HASAG operations.  HASAG was a privately owned company which was the third largest employer of slave labor after Farben and the Goring Werke. The company was run by Paul Budin, a highly placed member of the Nazi party. Beginning in the summer of 1944, labor camps were established next to each HASAG plant in Germany, all of which were sattelite camps of Buchenwald.  More women were employed since HASAG paid the SS less for women than men. and also HASAG's experience was that women had a higher mortality rate than men. Paul Budin is assumed to have committed suicide with his wife, in April 1945, when he blew up the company's head office in Leipzig.

Philatelic Materials

    Below are thumbnails of various parcel receipt cards pertaining to parcels delivered to inmates at Altenburg:  (1) a receipt for a parcel sent to a HASAG laborer, Sofia Juraszynska,  at Altenburg from Krakow which was received on November 21, 1944; (2) a receipt for a parcel sent on December 2, 1944, from Humpolec to an inmate, Steina Ferdinandova, of the Waldalger at Altenburg and received on December 16, 1944; (3) a receipt for a parcel sent on  February 16, 1943, from Prague to an inmate, Jiuna Landyova, assigned to Kohler AG plant at Altenburg and received on February19, 1943; (4) a receipt for a parcel sent on August 6, 1942, from Arnhem, Netherlands,  to a HASAG laborer at Altenburg.  Please click on the thumbnail to see the full image, and then click your back key or "Philatelic Materials" in the left frame to return.

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